Jai Jinendra !
I am Nirmal Gangwal S/o Shri Prem Chand Ji Gangwal, Ajmer (Rajasthan). Having postgraduated in Accountancy from Government college, Ajmer, I am pursuing my family business of Gota, Jari, Salma, Sitara, Lace etc.
Right from my childhood, I have been very passionate about devotional music. On the auspicious occasions and celebrations of Ashtahinika, Paryushan, Vedi pratistha, Panch kalyanak, Rathyatra etc., Shri Digamber Jain Sangeet Mandal of Ajmer gives renderings of classical as well as modern devotional songs.Greatly moved by these soul stirring performances of the Sangeet Mandal, it has been my ardent wish that this lyrical legacy which forms the corner stone of our faith gets passed on to the next generation so that the rich tradition lives on.

My effort to sing some of these bhajans is but a small and humble effort in this unending direction. Jain bhajans comprise an intrinsic sublimation of devotion, spirituality and renunciation. Publications of old as well as new devotional songs keep on surfacing form time to time. To the best of my knowledge, one such publication entitled Advitiya Bhajan Mala containing lyrical compositions of old generation of seers was the first ever volume to become available to Jain devotees. Later on some of the distinguished poetic talents of our community viz :- Dr. Shri Sobhagya Mal Ji Dosi “Sobhagya”, Shri Vriddhi Chand Ji Rara “Vriddhi”, Shri Manak Chand Ji Patni “Pankaj”, Shri Prabhu Dayal Ji “Prabhu”, Shri Tara Chandra Ji Patni “Tara”, Prof. Shri Sushil Chand Ji Patni “Sheel” contributed a set of bhajans sung to the tune of popular songs of Indian theatre. These were individual efforts and publication of such devotional songs was made possible with the collaboration of Shri Mahaveer Jain Pushtkalaya and Shri Siddhkoot Chaityalay Temple Trust. These publications have indeed added to the religious fervour of our faith.
I am neither a musician nor an accomplished singer. But I have a heart that overflows with passion for devotional songs. With my limited ability, I have ventured to sing a few chosen bhajans which may come handy to Jain devotees.
Novice as I am, I beg to be pardoned for the errors which might have occurred in completing this task. I also offer my deep most gratitude to all the music composers publishers and singers whose lyrics I have used in this site.

Sadar Jai Jinendra
Nirmal Gangwal